Mitzi on Safety

Safe neighborhoods are fundamental to our quality of life.  Cities rely on money from a fund called, HURF, the Highway User Revenue Fund, for maintaining our local roads.  When the state sweeps that fund to use it for state responsibilities, it leaves cities with less funding for fire and police.  Arizona needs to stop sweeping the HURF fund, to keep our neighborhoods safe. 

Our firefighters and public safety professionals deserve a secure retirement.  Our state laws need to continue to be refined to support our heroes who put their lives on the line for us every day.  The right way to do it is to work collaboratively,  bringing together all political parties, the workers who do the job, and the financial experts who plan pensions.  With my experience in finance and collaboration, I am supporting this careful process.  

Gun Safety:  We need to keep firearms out of the hands of people with dangerous histories.  It is time to enact sensible laws for safe schools and safe communities.  In states with good background checks on all gun sales, there are 53% fewer firearm suicides, and 31% fewer overall suicides per capita,  than in states without comprehensive background checks. 
STOP orders are "Severe Threat Orders of Protection"  that require a judge to consider evidence and then rule if a person may keep their guns, or remove them temporarily.   
I respect,  and will fight to defend everybody's right to defend themselves with a weapon.  The 2nd Amendment is important.  
So also is our right to live in safety.  We can find the sensible balance. 

Safety at the hair salon, dentist, optometrist ...

We need to find sensible common ground on licensing requirements. Gov. Ducey has taken an extreme position on licenses, that is putting us in danger.  His list of professions that he has attacked is growing.  Architects, optometrists, dentists,  and now hair stylists have all come under attack as he tries to remove their licensing requirements.   These licenses protect consumers from harm.  For example, cosmetologists learn sanitation practices to avoid spreading scabies, lice, and even MRSA from hair brushes and combs.   When bills would remove licensing requirements, I am speaking up for the safety of every patient of a dentist,  and every one who buys eyeglasses, or gets their hair styled. Your safety is my priority.   


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