Mitzi has worked across party lines for many years.  Her coalition of supporters are Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.

Local Leaders           Endorsements from 2014: 

  • Greg Stanton, Phoenix Mayor
    "Mitzi and I have worked closely together over many years. She will be a strong leader, an advocate for Arizona schools, and build a stronger local economy."
  • Phil Gordon, Former Phoenix Mayor
    "As former Phoenix Mayor, I know first-hand how critical it is to elect individuals who support education.  Mitzi understands the need to attract and retain the talent needed to be competitive in today’s world economy. While serving on the Kyrene School Board, Mitzi worked hard to ensure students who graduated were prepared for their future in today’s 21st century work force."
  • Robin Arredondo Savage, Tempe City Council Member
  • Corey Woods, Tempe City Council Member
    "Mitzi is an extraordinary public servant who will do a great job on behalf of all Arizonans as a member of the State Legislature. Please join me in supporting her this November."
  • Lauren Kuby, Tempe City Council Member–elect
  • Christopher Glover, Mesa Vice Mayor
  • Dennis Kavanaugh, Mesa City Council Member
    "Mitzi has a history of positive, and pragmatic leadership that Arizona and District 18 needs to build a better future. I support Mitzi because has been an active community member since the first day she moved to Arizona with her new family in 1996 and has been working to keep our schools strong and neighborhoods safe. From youth soccer coach to Kyrene School Board member, she has been tireless in her efforts to keep our children’s future bright. Please join me and the many other civic leaders in support of Mitzi Epstein."
  • Rae Waters, Former State Representative, and School Board Member in Ahwatukee
    "Mitzi Epstein has been a tireless champion for children and education since before I first met her in 1998. Working with her on the Kyrene Governing Board allowed me to experience firsthand her skill in balancing the many needs of our diverse community. Mitzi is a leader in improving education by bringing parents, community members, businesses, and our legislators together to work on issues affecting all of our children. I know Mitzi will continue to fight for our community, our families, and our children. Please join me in supporting Mitzi Epstein for our next State Representative."
  • Harry Mitchell, Former Congressman, Former Tempe Mayor, Former State Senator
    "I enthusiastically endorse Mitzi Epstein for the Arizona House of Representatives. Mitzi and I have worked on projects to improve education in Kyrene. I support Mitzi because she knows that investing in our students will bring economic investment to Arizona, creating high wage jobs and an Innovation Economy."

Education and Community Leaders

School Board Members, Parent Advocacy Leaders, Youth Group Leaders
These leaders have given their personal endorsement to Mitzi Epstein for AZ House of Representatives. They have led community groups, but their endorsement is from the individual, not their group or organization.

  • Julie Bacon
  • Beth Brizel
  • Tomas Guerra 
  • Joanne Hilde
  • Michelle Hirsch
  • Sandy Lowe
  • DeeAnne McClenahan
  • Ron Pies
  • David Schapira
  • Doreen Zannis


  • Tempe Chamber of Commerce
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • EMILY's List
  • Arizona List
  • Arizona Academy of Family Physicians
  • AZ Chapter of National Association of Social Workers
  • AZ Hospital and Healthcare Association 
  • Arizona Nurses Association Political Action Committee
  • Arizona Education Association
  • Arizona Women’s Political Caucus
  • Humane Voters of Arizona(HVA)   
  • Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona 

Elected Officials and Arizona Dignitaries

  • Representative Lela Alston
  • Representative Juan Mendez
  • Representative Andrew Sherwood
  • Representative Bruce Wheeler
  • Former Representative Nancy Young Wright
  • Senator Ed Ableser
  • Senator Steve Farley
    "Mitzi Epstein has been a state leader among parents for public education for many years. She has successfully advocated in the legislature for children's health and safety, as a volunteer, and is well qualified to work on solutions for children’s issues and the future of our state." 
  • David Lujan, former State Senator and Charter School Chief Administrator
    "It is always exciting when someone who is a true advocate of public education runs for the legislature and Mitzi Epstein is definitely such a person. When I served in the legislature, I regularly saw Mitzi at the State Capitol and she was always such a strong and consistent advocate for education and Arizona students because she understands that a strong education system from preschool through college is key to building a strong economy in Arizona. Mitzi will be a fantastic State Representative."
  • Rose Mofford, former Arizona Governor