Jobs and Technology

Mitzi on Jobs and Technology :  
Monitoring and Leveraging technology for great jobs,  and consumer safety


Arizona's innovation economy is thriving.  We see driverless cars in our neighborhoods in Chandler, Tempe, Ahwatukee and Mesa  every day.  We use drones for fun and work. 

As a computer systems analyst, I am energized by new technology to make our lives better.  I keep a constant eye out for both the exciting opportunities, and potentially dangerous outcomes. 

I use my work experience in finance and technology to make changes to bills to protect consumers, while promoting Arizona as a great place to do business. 

Example:  New bills are being developed to open up Arizona for financial technology (fintech).  The meeting of high finance and technology has great possibilities for gain for many people from cryptocurrencies to Go Fund Me.  However, where there is room for great profit there is also potential for scams.  Having worked in the financial sector, and in technology, my experience and knowledge has been put to good use in the legislature to take a critical eye to proposed legislation.  I leverage my own experience and skills with the knowledge of an ever-growing network of experts in technology and finance.  Together, we do the work to balance support for innovations with protections for consumers.  

As your State Representative,  I have the knowledge and skills to collaborate with people in all levels of industry to make the system work for everybody. 





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