Who Made Square? - the Maker Movement, that's who

Make really cool things.  That's the bottom line of the Maker Movement.  Mark Hatch, CEO of Tech Shop, invites you to change the world.   Manufacturing tools are becoming more and more  cheap, powerful, and easy to use.  That is why we are seeing more and more people -- regular people -- creating new Things that make our lives better.  We do not have to wait for the next Steve Jobs to create the next big thing, nor do creative people have to wait for a manufacturing plant to buy into their idea.   You can make it at Tech Shop, or any of the many such maker places that are becoming more common. square_via_mark_hatch_TEDx.png

For example, "Square" -- you know: It's that white square that you can plug into your phone to swipe a credit card and sell your product anywhere you are.   

And  a polymer-based baby blanket that will save 100,000 lives

And a data-cooling system that is far more efficient than anything IBM or Emerson Electronics had  

Hear Mark Hatch in this TEDx Talk:


With places like Tech Shop,  Gangplank, and Innovations, entrepreneurs do not have to wait to get started.  The machinery to build a prototype is available and ready to be used, for a relatively low cost.   People are on hand, ready and enthusiastic to collaborate and share complementary skills.   

We need makers in Arizona because manufacturing businesses provide great jobs:  good compensation with room for advancement.    Manufacturing businesses create positive ripple effects throughout the economy.   

“With the maker movement, anybody can be an entrepreneur,”
says co-founder of Shapeways online marketplace co-founder, Marleen Vogelaar. 


Check out this article from Forbes Magazine that describes how the Maker Movement is reinventing retail. 

To encourage students today to grow up to be makers, to be manufacturers and to make great jobs, we need to  encourage them to MAKE STUFF in school.

Students in Kyrene de la Mariposa made these pueblos to more fully understand history.  

Students and parents,  what did you Make in school this year? 

Do you wish you had more time to make things?  

Which do you think  prepares you for your future -  Making Things  or   Taking Tests?   


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