Water and More

Mitzi on Water and the Environment


We must make sure that our choices today will assure access to adequate, clean water tomorrow. 

I have been attending weekly workshops at the legislature about stewardship and planning for water. Very important decisions are being made. Who gets water first? Crops? Homes? Industry? Will Lake Mead be protected? 

It's . We can't make generalizations about regulations as bad or regulations as good. We need to protect our water. Without regulations, the company with the most money for the deepest well-drills wins. And families lose.

Arizona has a strong tradition of including all stakeholders when planning for water. However, during 2017 negotiations the process became less inclusive. Water is vital for our life and our homes.  We need everybody included.  I am heartened by the 2018 development of the AZ Water Steering Committee that will include many more people, including your elected representatives to the legislature and to the Central Arizona Water District Board.  (The "CAP Water Board")  

Arizona is vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Climate change will have significant impacts on water resources and economic opportunities.  We must work together,  with hydrologists, attorneys, and all stakeholders to consider the facts and the science before we rush into decisions. 


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