VOTE Early!

Vote Early at the  Tempe Public Library!

3500 S Rural Rd, Tempe
Early Voting:
Begins Wed, Oct 12.  ...   Ends Fri, Nov 4, 5PM 
Mon - Wed, 10AM - 6PM 
Thurs & Fri, 10AM - 5PM
Sat, Oct 22, 10AM - 4PM 
Sat, Oct 29, 10AM - 4PM

Did they get my ballot? Click here!


The best way to be sure that  #YourVoteCounts,  is to be on the PEVL:

Permanent Early Voter List.  (Click here to check if you are on it, or get on it.)    Then you get a mail-in ballot for every election. 


Vote Early!   please.   :)

*** Click here to find an early voting location,
                               even if you don't have a mail-in ballot.

After your ballot is received,  all those phone calls from campaigns will stop!



You can CLICK HERE to see if your ballot was received and counted.   


By voting early,  we do not have to send volunteers to your house to remind you to vote.  Thanks for that!    

When you vote early,  you save our campaign time and money.  It's like a donation that costs you nothing.  Thank you!  

WHAT IF….castle_cardboard.jpg

  • What if you wait for  Election Day to vote.   Then,  what if you get a call for the Best. Job. Ever  on Election Day, but you have to spend all day in the interview?  
  • What if you run out of bread on Election Day?  ( A friend once told me they  didn’t vote because they ran out of milk.  Stuff happens.  Be prepared. )
  • What if little Sofie needs your help to build a medieval castle on Election Day and it is due tomorrow?  
  • If you are on the PEVL,  just ask a family member to drop off that ballot at ANY polling place.


 If you don’t  have a mail-in ballot, then you cannot vote if you get that fabulous call!   Or that castle,  or … need bread.     


So please vote early.   Click here to find an Early Voting Location.  


See more VOTING information  in an  easy,  readable format - CLICK Here.  
     To find your polling place,  Deadlines to register,  etc.   



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