The Speed of Business is Dangerous Nonsense -- Robert Robb

Thank you, Robert Robb,  for agreeing with me.  Every time I've heard Gov. Ducey say,  "Government needs to work at the speed of business,"  I've thought, "What speed is that?  What a nonsense-phrase."  

So nice to read that notoriously-not-a-Liberal columnist Robert Robb agrees with me as he wrote, "Ducey says that the [legislative] session fulfilled his vow to make government 'operate at the speed of business.'  THAT'S A NONSENSE CLAIM. In fact, it's a nonsense phrase."

It's also highly dangerous for Arizona.  Gov. Ducey is now "making excuses for the cram-down decision-making,"  wrote Robb, "... ASU_Trustees_Ad_2015_0408_A_top.jpgindeed, he's touting it as a virtue."    Governor, you're wrong.   The Cram-down budget is full of holes, and those holes could have been fixed if you and the Legislative Leaders had allowed deliberation. 

How perfect that in the same newspaper, ASU Trustees wrote,

"We must respond with a clear message of disapproval"  (ie:  Vote the bums out! )


"We need to ...attract people to public office who favor investment in education at all levels."  

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The ASU Trustees who signed the full-page ad (p.8)  are ... 

a star-studded bi-partisan group.   Arizona is in danger of plummeting further downward if we stay on the path that Gov. Ducey and the extremist-Republican leaders are forcing us down.   Successful businesses do not make decisions about spending 9 billion dollars in three days.   Successful people from the left and the right are calling for "No more!"  

No more budgets crammed down in 3 days.

No more late-night deliberations and votes. Judgment is impaired after 11pm.  That is no time to be deciding the laws of our state.  Those laws that determine whether our lives will be safe or not deserve careful thought.   The budget was not the only vote taken well after midnight this session.  Rep. J.D. Mesnard had to be taken out of the legislature to the hospital for a migraine in the last days of the session.  Repeatedly working after midnight takes its toll on legislators' health and impairs judgment. 

More importantly,  votes taken in the dark of night are votes taken in secret.  Secrecy has no place in government. ASU_Trustees_Ad_2015_0408_C_bottom.jpg

Robert Robb also wrote in his column,  "Money first, planning later isn't operating at the speed of business. In business, no one would make a capital request as ill-defined as Ducey's.  It would be a career-killer."  (See ASU Trustees' urging for a "clear message of disapproval.)  

Robb was writing specifically about the part of the budget that creates Gov. Ducey's "Achievement District" and loan program.  It got funded (to the tune of about $25 million)  but there are NO details about who or how the money will be distributed.    

Gov. Ducey and the extreme-Republicans who voted for the budget Opened the Door to Corruption.     And apparently,  they like it that way.  

"Haste makes waste" is a proverb that has lasted centuries not only because it rhymes, but because it's true.  

YOU can do something about this terrible state of governing.   Talk with your friends.   Talk about the need for genuine transparency in government.   Talk about the desperate need to fund our K-12 and college public education institutions.  

and Make sure  You vote.   Make sure your friends and neighbors who care about transparency and education VOTE!   

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