Sun vs. Utility Companies

mem_battery_solar_2015_0213.pngWe are Arizonans. We love our independence!  Tesla might help. 

Tesla may be coming out with a #HouseBattery in the next 6 months.  (Read article.)  That is good news. We can assume the cost will be high, but so also are the plans that SRP and APS have for people with rooftop solar panels.   ... so far. 
This new battery is good news for consumers in energy markets. (so, everybody) With a viable battery to store energy from home solar panels, people could choose their energy source: the local electric company, or their own systems.

Arizonans,  Americans -- we like choices in markets.   

When consumers have choices, producers have incentives to innovate and improve quality and cut prices.  

I've said many times that the #InnovationEconomy demands a talented workforce.  It also needs to have Fair competition among producers,  and  fair entry into markets.    Some of the plans recently offered by SRP and APS have included unfair barriers to entry into the energy markets. By charging customers with rooftop solar panels more to use the grid than other customers,  those plans from Arizona utility companies had the potential to create artificial barriers to entry.   The plan from APS was stopped by the Arizona Corporation Commission.  We are waiting to hear if the SRP Board of Directors approves the bad proposal from their administrators or not. 

Bottom line:  If the big monopoly in a market makes it too difficult for new, small innovators to enter the market,  we lose ...  ...


we lose choices as consumers.  

If SRP goes ahead with their plan to double or triple the charges of people with rooftop solar panels,  it will certainly spur the #IndependentSpirit of those solar customers to find other solutions.    One solution might just be to invest in Tesla battery packs.hybrid-solar-system.png  

Here's a point that SRP and APS seem to miss about many rooftop solar panel owners:   It's not about the money.  It's about doing the right thing.    For most people,  those rooftop panels were not bought with the end goal of lower energy costs.    They were bought with the goal in mind to reduce our carbon footprint.  

The goal was,  is,  and always will be to protect our children's future.  The goal is to reduce carbon emissions, reduce air pollution, and to improve homeland security.   To that end,  we invested in solar panels to support the fledgling solar energy industry.  By investing now, it can grow and become cost effective in the nearer future. 

If the utility companies decide to make the grid too expensive,   we'll be happy to invest in the fledgling battery industry. 

However,  SRP  touts that it is a "community-based"  non-profit.   A steward of the community would not start to charge different prices to different residential users on the grid.

 I feel that SRP is indeed a good steward of our community.  Their current proposal is bad,  and they have asked for community input,  as a good member of the community should.  

They have been a good steward of our community for 100 years.  Join your neighbors and me in encouraging the  SRP board to vote "No" on the current proposal.   A separate grid price for rural customers,  makes no more sense than a separate grid price for solar customers.  

Click here to send a message to the SRP Board members via   

Let the #MarketCompetition flourish!   

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