Small Businesses need productivity and profitability

Kevin Kinnard, owner of Service Techniques in Chandler, says, "I need productivity and profitability for the small man.  small_bus_Kevin_Kinnard_2014_0607.jpg

The big man can't live if the small man can't work."   Kevin's local automotive service business has been a fixture in our community for the entire time I've lived here.   I met Kevin because our kids played in AYSO Regio 1046, youth soccer, over 14 years ago.   Mutual friends recommended his shop and we have been trusting Kevin to keep our cars in great shape, since then.  

       In one of our recent conversations, we talked about the need for internships in trucking and trades.  When small business owners like Kevin hire a new mechanic, fresh out of school, he/she still has a long way to go to become productive.   Good ol' on-the-job training is still the best preparation for productivity.  "But," Kevin told me, "there are no trucking or trades internships."  

         Businesses like Kevin's are extremely important to our economy and Jobs.    Elliott Pollack, CEO of a Scottsdale-based economic and real-estate consulting firm, said that small businesses increased jobs,  while large businesses    ...


lost jobs, from 2008-2010. 

According to this Fact-Check article on  "between 2008 and 2010 businesses with one to four employees had a net gain in jobs of 20,727, while businesses with five or more employees had net job losses totaling in the thousands."  

      "The small men," as Kevin put it -- businesses with fewer than FIVE employees--  are putting Arizona back to work.  That's why I'm out in our community talking with small business owners and employees.  

            Our public policies MUST  recognize this important part of our economy ... and  these business owners  generally  do not pay high-priced lobbyists to  talk with legislators.   To represent our community well,  I am going out to talk directly to the people who impact our community's economy:  small business owners.  

        Of course,  we also need to attract and grow businesses  that provide big economic ripple effects,  but that blog post is for another day.  :)  

            Join the conversation!  If you want me to visit your business,  leave a comment,  send me an email,     or call: 480-961-9138.   I want to hear from you.     Kevin's business needs  1- productivity,   2- profitability,  and  3- internship programs that support small businesses.     What do you need?   


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