Sign the Petition

CJ_Signs_something_wME_2014_0330.jpgTo put my name on the ballot,  Epstein, Denise "Mitzi"    we need to gather signatures.  Thank you for your interest in helping.




If you want to  gather a few signatures on a petition,  please click here, and we'll bring you a petition.  That would be a big help!  

We can also gather some signatures online.  Click here to sign the petition online.   Enter your dr. license, birthday, and name.  Then scroll down to select my name:  DENISE "MITZI"  EPSTEIN.  


My legal name is "Denise Epstein."   I have been called, "Mitzi"  since I was 3 days old.  

Thus,  the petition reads,    Denise "Mitzi"  Epstein.

The ballot will read,     Epstein, Denise "Mitzi"