Resume Highlights

Mitzi Epstein

Resume of Public Education Advocacy Highlights

Children are our future.   


Through various organizations, my focus has been on promoting dialogue among parents, teachers, retirees, business representatives, and legislators.  We need balance.  We need to include all stakeholders.

Over the past 25 years, I have worked with other volunteers to lead innumerable:

  • Events to bring legislators to schools for meaningful dialogue with parents and teachers
  • Forums for candidates on the issue of education:  governor,  legislators,  school board members
  • Workshops and Parent Leadership Institutes about the Arizona Education Finance system,  and best practices in advocating for children 
  • Emails to tens of thousands of advocates about education bills in the legislature 
  • Fundraisers for schools, and for students’ families  
  • Volunteer efforts to support teachers with everything from soup to laminating 
  • Visits to schools as a Kyrene school board member,  during which I always made time to sit and listen to teachers and support staff
  • After school programs in Kyrene and Chandler School Districts    
  • Events to bring families to school for fun and learning   


Kyrene Elementary School District Governing Board:  elected 2004.  Served ’05-08        Kyrene_Gov_Board_plaque_ME_2005-08.png.jpg

  • “Master of Boardsmanship” award  from AZ School Boards Association      


Arizona PTA, Parent Teacher Association:   19,000 members statewide

  • Elected Vice President,  also  served as Legislative Liaison
  • PTA was founded and continues to be an organization that advocates for children with state legislators and members of the US Congress.  


Statewide coalitions:

AZ Coalition for Quality Education (ACQE);     (includes AEA, ASBA, other education groups)

The AZ Education Coalition (TEC);   (Includes AEA, AFT, ASA, ASBA, College Deans, other groups)

ASA Community Advocacy Group:  awarded the 2014 ASPRA*tions Award for outreach 

APPLE Coalition, Arizona Parents for PubLic Education,  

  • Co-founder,  member of the “APPLE Core” steering committee       



Voices for Education  Parent Leadership Institute Facilitator  

  • I’ve taught workshops about the Arizona Education Funding system,  coalition-building,   parent advocacy, and more.


Yes Public Ed: PAC for Kyrene District Elections, Co-founder, Chair  --  6 Wins.


Kyrene Parent Superintendent Council

Kyrene Parents Safety Committee

Kyrene Community Voices 

Local PTO / PTA, Parent Network, Parent Teacher Groups

  • President, Secretary, Treasurer, Event Chair, Legislative Liaison, Choir Boosters volunteerAYSO_trophy_Blare_1998.jpg


AYSO American Youth Soccer Organization,                                                       

Region 1046 (Kyrene area),  and sometimes Region 503 (sw Mesa area) 

and Dartmouth Youth Soccer Association: 

  •  Soccer-mom, National D Certified Coach,  Coach-Trainer,  Coach Administrator, Safe Haven trainer,  Registrar ... 


Arts Council for Youth - board member     


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