How To Restore Education Funding

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I work every day to support public education,  not the status quo, but the best our schools can be by listening to teachers, parents, retirees,  local businesses, and the whole school community.  


Here’s what we need to do differently to restore education funding.   

-- Please ask candidates what they plan to do.

  1. Recognize that people are our state’s greatest resource. Public education works.
  2. Use the revenue we have for education, not unfair give-aways. 
  3. Stop making new tax loopholes that don’t make better jobs!  Tax loopholes to large corporations and special interests make the rest of us pay more, and our schools suffer.
    Students and teachers get the worst deal of these bad policies, and that has to stop!   
  4. Look to other revenue sources such as improving the return on investment in county and other Arizona “savings accounts.” 
  5. Stop throwing more and more money at prisons
    • that are making profits for private prison companies,
    • not fixing repeat offenders, and not fixing addictions, and 
    • not making us safer
    • Our spending on prisons is out of control and it’s high time to trim costs and improve safety. 
  6. Corporations should pay their fair share,  without cheating.
    In the Department of Revenue, by restoring the corporate auditors -- to stop cheaters-- Arizona could bring in $100 million more per year.  (Read more) 
    Plenty of businesses are perfectly honest.  Auditors make it a level playing field. 
  7. Continue to bring education and business leaders together to forge better solutions.



 I'm a computer systems analyst. I’ve worked for multinational corporations, and I run my own small business. From my experience in business, I know we need a well-educated workforce to keep Arizona strong.      

My opponents are taking NO next steps to restore education funding.

They are out of step with you.   (Click here for their voting records on education.)  


I will go to the mat for teachers,  parents, and students as I have so many times before:  as a school board member, as a PTA leader,  as a parent,  and as a citizen who cares.

I have and I will always urge parents, teachers, and the whole community to make your voices heard. 

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