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We, the undersigned teachers and parents,  urge you to vote for

Mitzi Epstein for the Arizona House of Representatives.  

Mitzi will work tirelessly to restore funding for education  She will go to the mat for teachers, parents, and students. 
She will always encourage parents and teachers to speak up for continuous school improvement for students, and she will fight to protect our rights to be heard.   

We believe Mitzi will work every day for strong public education
– not the status quo, but the best our schools can be --
by listening to teachers, parents, retirees, people working in local businesses, and the whole school community.     -
Add your name below. 

Read more:  a Letter to Teachers from Mitzi Epstein

   1.   Janie Hydrick,  former NEA State Director,  teacher in Chandler   

   2.   Liz Leivas, Co-President of Tempe Elementary Education Association

   3.   Nidia Lias,  former President of Tempe Elementary Education Association,  
and former Treasurer of AEA, The Arizona Education Association 

   4.  Tammie Pursley, teacher and President of Mesa Education Association, 

   5.  Kinora Hernandez,  Kyrene teacher, 

   6.   Carolyn Bonamo,   teacher in Chandler 

  7.   Lori Vanover, MA retired teacher in Ahwatukee

(Florence High School, Flowing Wells High School, South Mountain HIgh School, Kyrene Middle Schools:  KMS, Pueblo, Altadena, Akimel A-al),    

    8.   Jan Bartelt,  teacher, retired in Mesa,   

    9.   Julie Horwin,  AEA Retired   

  10.   Ellen Shamah,  teacher retired from Kyrene School District,  in Tempe 

  11.   Renee Newman, retired teacher Roosevelt and Kyrene districts

  12.   Shari Solberg-Ayers,  teacher in Tempe

  13.   Jennifer Pawlik,  teacher in Chandler

  14.    Marni Anbar, parent in Tempe,  Kyrene Science DiscoveRoom 

  15.    Carol Trudgen,  retired teacher in Ahwatukee 

                   Add your name below.

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Heidi Ebel
Leeann Wieser
Marni Anbar
Jose Leyba
Juliana Horwin
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  • Heidi Ebel
    signed 2017-05-02 10:24:18 -0700
    Please continue to advocate for public schools, students and teachers!
  • Leeann Wieser
    signed 2016-10-23 18:55:04 -0700
    Past President, AZ Federation of Teachers Union
  • Marni Anbar
    signed 2016-10-23 12:38:53 -0700
    Education is one of the biggest issues facing our state and sadly the Republican-led legislature has balked at every turn to capitalize on the potential we have to make our state a high-ranking education state. As a Republican I view education of every citizen as a corner-stone of securing our democracy, as well as the fundamental building block of our business community. We have allowed our tax contributions to erode over the past 30 years in AZ. It’s time to re-up, or we risk losing both regional financial growth and our democracy.
  • Jose Leyba
    signed 2016-10-23 09:58:47 -0700
  • Juliana Horwin
    signed 2016-10-04 15:14:39 -0700
    I adore you, am thankful for you, Mitzi. You are going to win!