Mitzi on the Issues

Promote quality education and support businesses to build an Innovation Economy that creates high wage jobs and a strong community.vote_button_clipart.jpg

me_waving_captl_fin_cropped_2014_0323.jpgKyrene School Board Member, Small Business Owner, Education Advocate, and Computer Systems Analyst

Mitzi Epstein, a small business owner, state PTA leader, AYSO Soccer leader,  and lifelong community problem solver, has spent her life working at the community and state levels to strengthen the economy. As a former Kyrene school board member, she recognizes that local businesses and neighborhood schools are vital for our community’s economy and quality of life. As a computer systems analyst for multinational companies she worked to make efficiencies and improve the process of doing business.

"I applaud Mitzi for bringing together parents, teachers, business leaders and retirees for meaningful collaboration towards shaping the future of Kyrene students." - Anna Marie Montalbo, teacher            

Bring business and education leaders together to forge strong solutions for Arizona. 

Grow our Economy:

  • Grow the Innovation Economy by supporting small business start-ups and continuing to attract companies like Intel and Apple with an educated workforce and reliable infrastructure.
  • The Innovation Economy will produce quality jobs, with great pay and a ladder for advancement. Those jobs will make positive ripple effects in the economy for all of Arizona.  Jobs in bio-science and technology are growing in Arizona in part due to a coordinated effort of the AZ Tech Council,  Commerce Authority, Chambers of Commerce and other leaders.  
  • While current work to grow the Innovation Economy is a good start,  it needs some control.  Programs to expand diversified industries and new jobs must show an ROI - Return on Investment:
    • Results must show ACTUAL Jobs, not just promises.
    • Job wages must show the TYPICAL wages,  not just an average.   (Adding 2 jobs at a million dollars,  and 50 people making $10k per year is an average wage of $48,000.  But the typical wage is the $10k those 50 people get.)  
    • These rules must be codified.  We cannot rely on the good intentions of the current CEO of the Commerce Authority.

Support Quality Education:   Ed_budget-cut-protest_2015.jpg

  • Measure what matters. Our students are tested enough! We must also count what prepares students for life, like arts career and technical skills, world languages, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.
  • Protect public education with real school choice! Empower parents to be involved in their child's education.                           

Millennials,  the can is being kicked down the road to you.
The more that legislators don't repair things now, the more it will cost in the long run.  Already it's costing us more. 
Like a hot potato,  the current big shots at the Capitol keep saying, "I don't want to pay for it, or plan for it.  YOU do it."  

The trouble is,  you,  Millennials are the ones who will get burned the worst.  

You need to vote to change that. Read more at my blog here. 


Mitzi Epstein is running for the Arizona House of Representatives in LD18.

Legislative District 18 includes all of Ahwatukee, parts of west Chandler, south Tempe, and west Mesa, in Arizona.