Mesa City Councilmembers Endorse Mitzi Epstein

Mesa City Councilmembers Endorse Mitzi Epstein

MESA – Mesa Vice Mayor Dennis Kavanaugh and Councilman Christopher Glover have endorsed Mitzi Epstein’s campaign for the Arizona House of Representatives. Vice Mayor Kavanaugh has long served the people of Mesa, working to improve the city for all, growing local small business opportunities, and making the city safer. Councilman Glover has helped bring Mesa into the 21st century, he has been key in Mesa’s economic development. He is a dedicated advocate for helping underprivileged youth and children in Arizona’s foster care system.

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“In Mesa, we are working hard to make our city a center for innovation and technology,” said Glover, “I know that Mitzi will promote economic success for the East Valley by developing policies that help draw industry leaders like Honeywell, Apple, Intel and Google to our great community.”

“Our campaign is focused on improving the lives for everyone in our community,” said Mitzi Epstein. “Vice Mayor Kavanaugh and Councilman Glover are dedicated public servants who have worked tirelessly to improve their city and make it a place where everyone can succeed. I am elated to have their endorsements for the campaign and look forward to helping the continuing success of our community.”

Mitzi Epstein is a computer systems analyst and small business owner. She has been a statewide public education leader for over 20 years, from serving on the Kyrene School District Governing Board to co-founding the Arizona Parents for PubLic Education Coalition. Mitzi is a leader who stands up for public schools and all Arizonans.

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