Letter To Teachers

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Dear Teachers,  

You are the heart of what makes Arizona strong.  When you engage and connect with students in your class/classes this year, they are inspired for a lifetime!   Think of all the former students who come back to you over the years with stories of how you made a difference.  

Public education is the cornerstone of democracy. We depend on your work to assure that our future doctors, roof-builders, mechanics and voters have had a good education. Thank you!!     

Do candidates support public schools Mariposa_PTO_reunion_2015_0902_cropped_.jpg

 or not? 

 That is the question in this election. 

I’ve been advocating for strong Public Schools for 25 years. Now I’m running for the Arizona House of Representatives because our legislature needs to support our schools and all our education professionals.  For me, education and jobs are the most important issues because good jobs and a good education system rely on each other.  

I’m not talking hot air.  On the pages here you can see my
education advocacy resume(click)  

and the names of just some of

your colleagues in education who have endorsed me. (click) 

I am grateful for their support, and even more grateful for their work in public schools.

 My number one priority is to restore education funding.  Our schools are hurting; teachers need a pay raise, and so does everybody working to support students in our schools.   We can do better for our students and teachers to provide competitive salaries,  sound buildings, better prevention from bullying and violence, updated books and technology,  and  better opportunities in STEAM – science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.   


 We need enough opportunities for elective courses so that students can see themselves in their future careers.  Taking an art class helps students envision themselves as graphic designers, a great 21st Century job.  Research shows that the arts help students to achieve better in math and English, but I also believe in teaching art simply to make great art.   


I would not be running if I thought my opponents were doing an adequate job for education.    They are not.  On the AZ Schools Now Report Card,  Jill Norgaard got an F, a 25%.  She sponsored bills to expand vouchers to all students, providing no accountability and draining funds from public schools.  Bob Robson did nothing to stop her bills.
Click for my opponents' voting records.    



My opponent took teachers for a tour of the legislature.

As a public education advocate for over 25 years,
I’ve done that many times, but also

I brought legislators to our schools,
to listen to parents and teachers in meaningful dialogues.          

Arizona PTA Day at the Capitol  


 I believe in building coalitions to work together.

You deserve legislators who genuinely believe in you. 
You do not have to settle for less.   
I work every day to support public education – not the status quo, but the best our schools can be by listening to teachers, parents, retirees, and the whole school community.  


How do we restore education funding?  Start by affirming that public education is the cornerstone of democracy, and worth the investment.   Click here for HOW to Restore Education Funding. 



 I'm a computer systems analyst. I’ve worked for multinational corporations, and I run my own small business. From my experience in business, I know we need a well-educated workforce to keep Arizona strong.      

My opponents are taking NO next steps to restore education funding.

They are out of step with you.   


I will go to the mat for teachers, as I have so many times before:  as a school board member, as a PTA leader,  as a parent,  and as a citizen who cares. I have and I will always urge parents, teachers, and the whole community to make your voices heard. 


I want to earn your support.   Your vote is the most important way to change the people in the legislature.


Would you also please consider these other ways to help?

With your help we can make public education a state priority again in Arizona!

  - Mitzi Epstein                                     HOW to Restore Education Funding - click here.  



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