Is Supt. Douglas Listening?

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas has announced that she is listening.   

Hmmmm.  meme_Douglas_listens_2015_0417.png

I recall a very full hotel ballroom of PTA parents hopeful to interact with her as a candidate in 2014.  She ditched them.  

Candidate David Garcia came to the forum hosted by the state-wide Arizona PTA, Parent Teacher Association.  He took questions from the audience and he Listened to their concerns.     Diane Douglas did not attend.  She said she would, but backed out later.    The Capitol Times  called the race for SPI,  " one guy stumping for himself. Democrat David Garcia’s Republican opponent, Diane Douglas, has yet to engage him in a debate. She hasn’t updated her website from her primary run nor has she done any media interviews. "  Read More

I also recall that,  "She's a good listener," was Not the phrase that came to mind when parents described her style as a school board member.   

But now she's  listening.  Yay!    We should ...


Please find the event  near you and speak up!  

2015 “We Are Listening” Tour Stops
See Supt. Douglas'  press release click here.  

For those of you in my area,   she has listed:

"9-11:30 a.m.   Sat., May 9     Chandler High School Center for the Arts, Chandler"   

I take her at her word.   She wants to hear what the people of Arizona think about education.  We must attend and be heard.  

If we -- who care about it,   work in it,  volunteer in it,  and stand up for it -- don't show up,  just think of who will. 

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