Mitzi Epstein in Our Community  


  • Supporting wellness in schools
  • Bringing together Renters and Landlords to improve Apartment Life 

As a former PTO/PTA leader,  an AYSO Soccer coach, and as a member of the Arts Council for Youth, I've been listening to you, the people in our community. 

As your State Representative, the first thing I did was form two community groups to work on solving problems that matter to you. 

Neighbors Council, to prevent hate crimes 

I formed the Neighbors Council because many people asked me, "What can we do to reduce bigotry and hate?"  We gathered people of different political parties, cultures, religions, races and other diversities and started conversations.  When parents in our district talked about the alarming rates of increase of youth suicide, we chose to answer that call.  Our current project is to reduce teen suicide.  We are developing a set of bills and solutions that will have an impact.  


Renters and Landlords  

Some folks in our neighborhood asked me to listen to their concerns about renting apartments. That began my group of Renters and Landlords working to improve apartment life.  Renters want simpler contracts and easier processes to get repairs done.  Landlords want reasonable laws to support their efforts to keep apartment buildings safe. We can reduce red tape for everybody.  



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