Clueless: The AZ Budget Movie, and Veterans' Heroism

Veterans are heroes.  Goes without saying.  But today, our Arizona veterans are my heroes for acts of bravery right here in Arizona: Speaking Up and Being Heard! not-listening.jpg

 Governor Ducey proposed a budget that moved money away from veterans' families and into veterans' cemetery maintenance. 

Not a good idea.    Bad idea because he did not talk with veterans' groups before making the decision.  You might say he decided from an ivory tower. 

"The plan drew an outcry from representatives of several veteran organizations" [ AZ CapTimes article]

Kudos to you, Veterans who #SpeakUp!    You spoke up, and now Governor Ducey has 

abandoned that #BadBudgetIdea.


Yesterday, at 7:47 am --- Howard Fischer reported in the Captitol Times, "Sen. Don Shooter, R-Yuma, also questioned the move.  'I’ve got to believe that whoever suggested that didn’t understand the situation,” said Shooter ... But Vogt, [Governor's Chief of Operations] ... said the administration does understand the situation and made the proposal on purpose."     Fischer also reported that,  "Vogt said he doesn’t see the big deal,..."  

 As the Governor's COO, not being able to see the big deal is a pretty BIG, BAD, Deal!  

  (That article has been taken down, but you can see the cached version here: Cap Times Yesterday Ducey Shifts )


By 4:34 pm,  ---  same reporter, same newspaper, headline,  "Ducey abandons plan to pay for cemeteries with veterans fund" read it here.    Veterans' outcry made the governor change his plan.    The outcry from veterans was not just about the wrongness of the money shift.   

Fischer reported,  "It was also the fact that they [veterans' groups] were not consulted about the move — or had a chance to comment — before Ducey trotted out his budget late last week."  

 Not consulting the people with expertise.  That's a bad flaw for a governor to have.   I'm suggesting  #DuhDucey to indicate that mistake if it is repeated.   NOT LISTENING  is not what we want from our lawmakers.   #DuhDucey is for times when a law is proposed without consulting the people with expertise in the field.   Let's hope it is not needed again. veterans_2011_0911.JPG

   However, learning from mistakes is a very good strength for a governor.   So let's hope that Governor Ducey has now learned the very important lesson about making public policy:  it's for the public.  Consulting only the close circle of advisors in the governor's office is not enough.

     We want a governor who will ask a wide range of groups BEFORE proposing an idea that was dreamed up in an ivory tower. 

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Veterans, and those who care
(so, everybody):  Join David Lucier, the Unified Arizona Veterans, and more for a

   Rally for Arizona Veterans and their Families,
 January 27, 2015  at 11am.  
See the Facebook event here.  

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