Sun vs. Utility Companies

mem_battery_solar_2015_0213.pngWe are Arizonans. We love our independence!  Tesla might help. 

Tesla may be coming out with a #HouseBattery in the next 6 months.  (Read article.)  That is good news. We can assume the cost will be high, but so also are the plans that SRP and APS have for people with rooftop solar panels.   ... so far. 
This new battery is good news for consumers in energy markets. (so, everybody) With a viable battery to store energy from home solar panels, people could choose their energy source: the local electric company, or their own systems.

Arizonans,  Americans -- we like choices in markets.   

When consumers have choices, producers have incentives to innovate and improve quality and cut prices.  

I've said many times that the #InnovationEconomy demands a talented workforce.  It also needs to have Fair competition among producers,  and  fair entry into markets.    Some of the plans recently offered by SRP and APS have included unfair barriers to entry into the energy markets. By charging customers with rooftop solar panels more to use the grid than other customers,  those plans from Arizona utility companies had the potential to create artificial barriers to entry.   The plan from APS was stopped by the Arizona Corporation Commission.  We are waiting to hear if the SRP Board of Directors approves the bad proposal from their administrators or not. 

Bottom line:  If the big monopoly in a market makes it too difficult for new, small innovators to enter the market,  we lose ...  ...


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Bend Over Backwards for APPLE - Who?

Previously, on  "The Tale of Apple in Mesa"  ...

  •  Lawmakers created a tax break for manufacturing plants.  meme_backbends_4Apple_2015_0210.png
    • It made fiscal sense.   Manufacturing jobs make positive economic ripple effects for the whole state.   
  • Apple will locate a "command center"  in Mesa;  it will not be a manufacturing plant.  

Now, Arizona state legislators are floating bills to give away piles of tax money to Apple, Inc.  to entice the international giant to locate here.   

In fact,  you could say they are bending over backwards to please APPLE. 


  • PRO:  Apple is talking about 150 jobs.  
    • Con:  150 jobs is not a very big deal.  ...  
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Clueless: The AZ Budget Movie, and Veterans' Heroism

Veterans are heroes.  Goes without saying.  But today, our Arizona veterans are my heroes for acts of bravery right here in Arizona: Speaking Up and Being Heard! not-listening.jpg

 Governor Ducey proposed a budget that moved money away from veterans' families and into veterans' cemetery maintenance. 

Not a good idea.    Bad idea because he did not talk with veterans' groups before making the decision.  You might say he decided from an ivory tower. 

"The plan drew an outcry from representatives of several veteran organizations" [ AZ CapTimes article]

Kudos to you, Veterans who #SpeakUp!    You spoke up, and now Governor Ducey has 

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Small Businesses need productivity and profitability

Kevin Kinnard, owner of Service Techniques in Chandler, says, "I need productivity and profitability for the small man.  small_bus_Kevin_Kinnard_2014_0607.jpg

The big man can't live if the small man can't work."   Kevin's local automotive service business has been a fixture in our community for the entire time I've lived here.   I met Kevin because our kids played in AYSO Regio 1046, youth soccer, over 14 years ago.   Mutual friends recommended his shop and we have been trusting Kevin to keep our cars in great shape, since then.  

       In one of our recent conversations, we talked about the need for internships in trucking and trades.  When small business owners like Kevin hire a new mechanic, fresh out of school, he/she still has a long way to go to become productive.   Good ol' on-the-job training is still the best preparation for productivity.  "But," Kevin told me, "there are no trucking or trades internships."  

         Businesses like Kevin's are extremely important to our economy and Jobs.    Elliott Pollack, CEO of a Scottsdale-based economic and real-estate consulting firm, said that small businesses increased jobs,  while large businesses    ...


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Memorial Day - May yours be filled with memories and peace

From the Wounded Warrior website:Memorial_Day_wounded_warriors_2014.jpg

"Memorial Day is a time to remember, recognize, and honor injured warriors who have paid such a high price for our freedom. In 2006, Luke Murphy sacrificed his right leg above the knee, after an improvised explosive device detonated next to his vehicle. Countless service members are returning from war with invisible and visible wounds, just like Luke. These brave heroes deserve opportunities that will help them heal and rebuild their lives.

Your generous, tax-deductible gift to Wounded Warrior Project® will help provide America’s heroes with the programs and services they need to recover."


Click here if you'd like to commemorate this holiday by learning more about the Wounded Warrior Project .  

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Who Made Square? - the Maker Movement, that's who

Make really cool things.  That's the bottom line of the Maker Movement.  Mark Hatch, CEO of Tech Shop, invites you to change the world.   Manufacturing tools are becoming more and more  cheap, powerful, and easy to use.  That is why we are seeing more and more people -- regular people -- creating new Things that make our lives better.  We do not have to wait for the next Steve Jobs to create the next big thing, nor do creative people have to wait for a manufacturing plant to buy into their idea.   You can make it at Tech Shop, or any of the many such maker places that are becoming more common. square_via_mark_hatch_TEDx.png

For example, "Square" -- you know: It's that white square that you can plug into your phone to swipe a credit card and sell your product anywhere you are.   

And  a polymer-based baby blanket that will save 100,000 lives

And a data-cooling system that is far more efficient than anything IBM or Emerson Electronics had  

Hear Mark Hatch in this TEDx Talk:


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