#TiredTalk - Top 10 crAZy things

"Top 10 crAZy things Arizona legislators said and did while

debating the state budget from midnight to 9am" - Let's make that list.  The absurdities are still being shared,  so I've left room for you to add your preferred examples of crAZy.   meme_Sheldon_budget_2015_0312.png

This list may amuse you.  It amuses me, because it has to.  If I did not find the humor in this situation, it would bring me to the brink of despair. 

Debating the most important bills of the year under the cloak of darkness is wrong.  It disrespects the principles of governance by and for the people.  

 It's a Slap to Transparency!  Or maybe more like a kick in the ...head. 

The Republican legislators who controlled the scheduling violated principles of transparency.   You can hold them accountable for this violation of trust.  You can vote them out.   Vote out all those who follow their untrustworthy ways in the legislature. 

In addition to being a slap to transparency,  midnight deliberating causes plenty of examples of humans breaking down as fatigue takes its toll.    

Here are some examples. 


#10 - The Willy Wonka Award for  "Back that up,  and reverse it"   goes to...

Sen. John Kavanagh for his comment about tax cuts instead of tax hikes.   He said that people want no more "tax cuts."  His colleagues alerted him to his word-choice, and then he adjusted it to "tax hikes."  
(I think he was more correct the first time.  Poll after poll shows that the people of Arizona want to invest in public education.  I Know that people are tired of the tax cuts to special interest groups in the 1%.)  

#9 -  The Accidental Tourist award for "Oops!"  goes to ... 

"Two House Democrats voted for a pair of the budget bills, but both later said they were too tired to think straight and the votes were accidental.  "   (source: Capitol Times

#8 - The Woody Allen Award for "Low Anxiety"  goes to ...

Rep. Kelly Townsend for knitting her cares away.   The budget process was very stressful. She found a healthy outlet for stress.    And That is the point!   Making important decisions while under the kind of stress that pushes a person to Knit. On. The. State. House. Floor  is probably not a good process. 

#7 -    Leave a comment for your suggestion.

Keep reading for more pictures and awards,   including the Sheldon Cooper award ... 

#6 - The Sleeper Award for "zzzzzzzzzzz....  zzzzzz"   goes to ...   


A whole lot of elected legislators!   I don't blame them.  I blame the people they elected to be the Majority Leaders: Biggs, Yarbrough, Gowan and Montenegro.    Of course,  the real culprit is Gov. Ducey who pressured all of them to finish it in 3 days.  

#5 -   Leave your suggestion in the blog comments

#4 -  The Urkel Award for  "Did I do That?"   goes to ... 

"Some lawmakers complained they didn't have enough time to review the bills,"  reported the Huffington Post.  That implies the lawmakers had time to read them even once.  They did not.   They certainly did not have time to carefully consider how all the parts of the budget will affect us all.   Again, the blame lies squarely with the Republican Leadership who scheduled this secret budget, not with the rank and file who had no time to read the bills.  

#3 - The Patsy Cline Award for "Who's sorry now?"  goes to ... 

"73-year-old freshman State Representative Noel Campbell acknowledges he 'regrets' voting for the budget and that he's sorry ..."
as reported by Joe Dana, Ch12 News.      Rep. Campbell went on to indicate -- to the best of my reckoning -- that he preferred a fast,  bad budget that people did not have time to read,  to careful planning that may have required a week or two.  


#2 - The Sheldon Cooper Award for "I need an alt universe to make the math work"  goes to ...meme_Sheldon_budget_2015_0312.png

Governor Doug Ducey for signing this budget that:
is unsustainable,  
has "nothing in capital outlays to keep state buildings functioning in 2017",    
has "over $100 million in wishes and prayers"  ,  
cuts 84% out of funding for school desks and computers,   and ---  Read more in Robert Robb's column. 



#1 -  The Dumb and Dumber award for  "Just Do It, regardless of consequences"  goes to ...

All those who voted Yes, on a budget that Rep. Lela Alston said is the worst she has ever seen.  She should know,  having been first elected to the legislature in 1977.   

  “This might be the way we’ve done it the past several years, but that doesn’t make it right, ”said Sen. Katie Hobbs, D-Phoenix.

Deciding the budget in 3 days,  voting in the wee-hours,  and #DarkDeliberations are wrong. 




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